How to check NSFAS application status

If you have applied for NSFAS funding, NSFAS will inform you of their decision before the start of the academic year and this will be done through SMS, email as well as your myNSFAS account.

This is how you check on your myNSFAS account.

  • Visit and click on mynsfas button
  • Enter your username and password and sign in
  • Click on Track Funding Progress tab

The status of your application will be in a form of messages and the following are the messages and their meaning.

Successfully funded:

This indicates that your application has successfully completed so that you can proceed to register at your applied school.

Eligible for funding but waiting confirmation for Academic admission:

This is an indication that you qualified for nsfas bursary funds but your admission status at the institution has not been confirmed. Until then your application will be pending. You will have to contact your institution’ financial aid office to speed up the process for you.

Verifying Household Income with third party Sources:

This one also is an indication that nsfas is ascertaining the income of the applicant’ household. You need not to do anything as it will automatically be updated when the verification of income is completed.

The third parties review the applicant’ claims that the annual salary or income is R300,000 benchmark.

Awaiting Evaluation

This indicates that the application has been submitted alright. The nsfas official or assessor is to evaluate to see if the applicant meets all the conditions before final decision van be taken. You will have to wait for sometime and check your status later.

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